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Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Know About the Suitable Types of Fireplaces for Domestic Usages

Fireplace is meant for making the ambience of the house relaxed and warm during the chilly winter days. This is an architectural structure and can be made up of different materials like metal, brick, stone etc. A fireplace typically has a fire pit and flue or chimney to drive out the smoke. Modern day fireplaces come in different shapes, types and structures. Today the concept of fireplace has also become quite advanced well equipped with technologies. You can even choose from different kinds of custom made fireplaces according to the interior design of your house. The mantels and the fireplace surrounds all should blend well with the color and décor.
First decide the type of your fireplace
Before installing a fireplace, people should first decide the type of fireplace he or she wants to install in his or her house. Following are the popular types of indoor fireplaces used for indoor purposes:
  • Wall mounted – These are most commonly used in cold places and are built within the walls. Mostly woods are burnt within this fireplace but modern versions also work on electricity, gas or gel based fuels.
  • Free standing – The freestanding fireplace offers great conveniences to the homeowners, because installation of this type does not require any alterations to your house. To keep this fireplace burning you need to use gel fuel, woods, gas or electricity.
  • Portable fireplace – This type of fireplace is nothing but the smaller version of freestanding fireplace. These types are moveable and be conveniently moved from one place to another. These units are extremely eye-catching which increase the beauty of your house. The materials which can be used to keep this fireplace burning are wood, gel fuel, gas etc.

Popular variants of fireplace
Everyone desires to make their house cozy during winter days. But which type of fireplace will be suitable for your house, this is up to your choice. These are some types from which you can select the most appropriate one for your house:
  • Brick Fireplace – The most commonly used fireplace is made up of bricks. This fireplace is amazingly durable and can be installed most conveniently in all types of houses.
  • Electric Fireplace – This type of fireplace fits the requirements of the people with limited budget and space in the house. The electric fireplace does not require a chimney for its operations. This type of fireplace comes in different materials like bricks, stones, marbles, woods etc.
  • Stone Fireplace – This type is popular for its aesthetic appeal and durability. It fits into all types of room decors and has the capabilities to become center of attraction in the room. Unlike brick fireplace the stone made fireplace is suitable for modern looking houses as well. Stone fireplace comes in limestone, marble, granite etc.
  • Gas fireplace – These types are symbols of technological advancement. To get rid of hassles of cleaning ashes and burnt wood, gas fireplace is the most ideal choice. Gas fireplace comes with a remote and the temperature can be controlled conveniently. For instant comfort you will not get a better option than these types.
  • Corner Fireplace - the most common trend is to install or construct a fireplace in the middle of the room but now people can even install a fireplace in the corner of the house as well. This type of fireplace does not require much space and it can be moved from one place to another very easily. This is lighter and smaller than conventional fireplace.
Finally, to save space, energy and money double sided fireplace will be the best option. This acts as a bridge in terms of fireplace between the two rooms. These are see-through and find their usages mostly in houses with modern décor. These types work on gas, electricity as well as burning of wood.


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