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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Reasons For The Popularity Of CNC Turning

People use lots of products in their day to day lives without even thinking about them. Many of them are unaware of the facts regarding very common things; facts like the material they are made with, how they are produced, what technology has been in use in their production.

Many a times, it is a real wonder that for producing a tiny product, there have been a lot of technology involved and large machineries were utilized in their manufacturing process.  Industries and Workshops are places where products are being produced in large scale.

Take the piece of little pawn people play in chess. Making in its entirety can be viewed in YouTube videos. A little piece of machinery is used in producing that chess piece; the basic works done by the machine is cutting and turning. The Long Cylindrical steel piece is being turned continuously and a sharp pointed tool is made to travel on that steel cutting through it repeatedly; this acted like etching out the unwanted portions of steel and slowly the majestic form of a chess piece emerged.

People have to wonder about uniformity of action that took place, limited number of occurrences and already calculated measurements carried out accurately in its minutest detail precisely as planned and programmed. Credit goes to computer numerical control or CNC Turning. This refers the method in which main material is being rotated or turned and a sharp pointed cutting tool is sent parallel on its surface.  The machine that does the turning part is known as lathe. This is being used from ancient days onwards. Lathe keeps material intact and spins it and allowing the cutting tool with single point, removes the unwanted portion and shapes the material in desired part. This turning action influences complex shapes including plain, filleted, contoured, tapered, threaded and radius profiles. An operator will be applied and directing cutting tool on that material in olden days.

Nowadays, Computer Numerical Control with its program control operation of cutting tool and lathe part. There is no need for human operators.  With this pre-programmed design, exact tolerance, precise turn and any type of shape like curved, straight, conical and grooved is possible.

Advantages of CNC Machining:
  • Mass production: It is ideal for mass production. Once sample is all right, then producing large quantities of similar parts is easy.
  • Efficiency: CNC lathe enables simultaneous motion of X and Z axis; making cutting tool move around the very corner of the part so that a fillet can be produced.
  • Accuracy: Unimaginable accuracy can be obtained through computer programs. Tools can be controlled as accurately as 0.0001 inches.  Without changing this tool, cutting at many places can be done.
  • Speed: No need to elaborate on the speed of computer controlled parts. This tremendous speed has resulted in increased efficiency in overall production.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Cost of CNC machines is very expensive. However, once it is procured as investment part, then the cost of production will be very less due to its speed and large quantity of production.
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